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"I am, I exist is certain so long as it is put forward by me or conceived by my mind."

This is the diary of Aquinas.

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Not sleepy. A little tired [Saturday, January 6th 2007]
[ mood | Bleah ]

I'm not sleepy. I'm a little bored.
I cannot easily express my thoughts to you. It would be easy to blame this on language restrictions - as in, my thoughts aren't quite describable in English words - but I have a feeling that it is my not being able to manipulate the words rightly. Or something of the sort.
My socks really smell.
We're busy packing for Aus. Or at least we're meant to be. Everyone's playing computer or watching TV or eating.
Now I'm little tired.

[Wednesday, December 27th 2006]
[ mood | bored ]

I assume everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Mine was nice, seeing Lynda and John was great.
I would be looking forward to settling down to a routine of revision and south park and reading but unfortunately (being mansells) we're going to venice in two days. Instead I will be shopping (plan to finally get that comic with blessed Christmas money) and packing.
Thats all that is going on here.

[Sunday, December 17th 2006]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well we're leaving for Scotland to spend Christmas with my aunt and uncle in the middle of nowhere. It will be bliss and I will take photos. We will come back for two days, then off to Venice for new years. Then we pack up our crap and head home. We'll spend a week in Japan, and a day in Hong Kong on the way home.
And let us not travel again for a long while.
But anyway this will probably be the last entry for a while. Not to worry, I have a small feeling this won't be missed.
Anyway, I wish everyone a most merry Christmas.

[Friday, December 15th 2006]
[ mood | XD ]

Went to Portsmouth today to send our car back home, the docks were pretty awesome in their way. Lots of seagulls.
So since we were there we decided to do some shopping (of course). I bought a pair of Vans so I could be cool, or at least feel cool as I pranced down the street. They were ₤15 so figured why not?
Today's output is a poem (which I forgot yesterday). I didn't write it, I prefer reading to writing in all honesty.
I'll put it under a cut to avoid wasting friendship space.

The Great Minimum/It is Something to Have WeptCollapse )

[Thursday, December 14th 2006]
[ mood | content ]

This evening I went Kensaling* a little (perhaps for the last time) with Ramilla. We didn't leave until the library was closing. I borrowed The first part of Dante's Divine Comedy, which is interesting, but I think I'll struggle to keep up with it. I also borrowed a book about a boy with a talking brain tumor, and another one about Russian history - much shorter than my current one because I'm never going to get through it.

Today's output shall be an icon I created a few months ago.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Alrighty, the first I've put on a blog. This is a piece of a photo I took in Athens. It's an angel, you can just see the curl of the material of her skirt, and on the top left is the bottom of a wing.

noun, a library in north Kensington.
verb, to go to libraries in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and borrow as many books as possible

The first Einzig entry [Monday, December 11th 2006]
[ mood | Aquinas works ]

Journal has absolutely no friends and the layout is rebelling. This might take a while to fix. I'll get there.
This evening I shall display a photo that I took perhaps 3 months ago from mum's friend Rosalind's rooftop. It was one of many situations where one feels that the camera does not quite capture the atmosphere. London SkyCollapse )

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